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Get help with your loved one and reduce holiday stress

by Carol Bradley Bursack, Editor-in-Chief

Families with elders can find holidays even more stressful than those without elder care needs to consider. Just the logistics can be overwhelming. In-home care agencies can often help bring the family together while reducing stress for all ages.

The care needs of aging parents continually shifts. Often, that includes the type of housing they require. Many are able to stay in their original home with some help from adult children and in-home care agencies. Eventually, many of these folks need the security and companionship offered by assisted living. From there, some of our loved ones may move to a nursing home.

With the changing needs of our aging loved ones comes concern about how to best celebrate holidays. Health issues with the elders complicate an already busy time. We want to provide a traditional Thanksgiving celebration for the whole family. Finding the time to pick our parents up from their assisted living home and bring them to our house, while we cook the meal, and handle excited children may seem overwhelming. It needn't be.

Elder Care: An Easy Way to Celebrate the Holidays Together

In-home agencies can provide blessed relief. One of their staff can pick the elders up from their home, be it their old homestead, assisted living or a nursing home, and bring them to you. The caregiver can stay with Mom and Dad at your home, making sure that their extra needs get met, such as toileting and cutting food. The aide simply joins the family as a friend. When Mom and Dad get tired and want to go to their own home, the aide can take them back to the comfort of their familiar surroundings.

With this arrangement, home is where the comfort is. Mom and Dad join their family for a celebration. The family enjoys having them because everyone's needs are met without a lot of extra stress and worry. Mom and Dad are empowered to say when they are tired and want to go to her own home. Everyone wins when families gets extra care for their loved ones during the holidays.