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Power mobility scooters for heavier users

by Shannon Lee

When bariatric wheelchairs were introduced, larger users could finally breathe a sigh of comfort. Power mobility scooters for larger users can allow even more freedom.

There is little doubt that power mobility scooters can make life easier for those who have trouble walking long distances. Lightweight, portable mobility scooters are often touted as the best way to get around without much of a transportation hassle. But what about larger users who need more support from a mobility scooter?

Just as bariatric wheelchairs are designed for heavier users, there are power mobility scooters designed to accommodate the needs of a larger person.

Get Comfortable in Your Mobility Scooter

Lightweight or portable mobility scooters are meant for the average user. When a larger person tries to use one, they might find themselves wedged tightly by the armrests, fighting with the tiller, or sitting in a less-than-comfortable seat. These problems can make long-term use of a lightweight or portable scooter an unpleasant proposition for a user who needs a bit more space.

Mobility scooters meant for larger users can make life easier. With a wider profile and more generous seating, bariatric mobility scooters make the ride smoother. These scooters boast heavy-duty tires, a larger overall length and width, and a turning radius comparable to that of a smaller, more portable scooter.

Bariatric scooters are intended to allow for ease of use and movement while supporting user weights of up to 500 pounds or more. The scooter can handle the weight thanks to reinforced seats, reinforced footrests, maneuverable tillers that allow the users easier access to the seat, and removable or adjustable armrests.

Because of the support requirements of a bariatric scooter, most have four wheels, though there are some specialty scooters that have three. The tight turning radius of the larger mobility scooters can allow them to be used in the home, though they are much more commonly used in areas where space is not an issue, such as supermarkets or outdoor venues.

Mobility Scooter Ramps for Bariatric Scooters

It is important to make certain that your mobility scooter ramps or scooter lifts can accommodate a larger scooter. The weight of a bariatric scooter is often well over 100 pounds, not including the weight of the batteries. Add to that the weight of the user, and you have a situation that not all ramps and lifts can handle.

When choosing mobility scooter lifts and ramps, make sure they are rated to handle the weight you know you will need, with a little extra just to be on the safe side. Reinforced ramps, platform lifts, and other mobility solutions are available for bariatric users.

Keep an Active Lifestyle!

Mobility scooters can help you keep that busy schedule by offering the perfect way to get from place to place without difficulty, pain, or the risk of worsening your medical conditions. Don't let limitations on mobility prevent you from living a healthy, active lifestyle.